Wednesday, May 20, 2009

{southern charm}

I moved to the South when I was 12, and have become a southern belle at heart. There are some aspects of my renewal that I would to have southern charm. Here is a beautiful board, I don't know who from though! If someone knows, let me know :)

I can't begin to express my love for this board. Maybe it is my love for pastels (sigh). I adore the chandelier, and would love to have it over our sweetheart table, or cake table. Now, I don't think a chandelier that elaborate is in our budget, this one is just darling. And in our budget ($17!).

It would be a sweet little touch. I would probably paint it white. Now, its source of light is candles. I would worry about it dripping hot wax on to people (ouch!), but they make wonderful LED candles that flicker and tada! Don't drip wax! You can buy this lovely little treat on ebay or A Rich Decor Store.

I love the texture of peonies as well, one of my favorite flowers. But, of course they would need to be in yellow or white! And what a great way to cut the cost of flowers, have your maids carry a single, beautiful peony.

Parasols are charming and very lady-like. And practical if you are like me, and enjoy having fair skin, and thus, get burnt really easy.

You can actually rent them for your big day for a great price from the very lovely Bella Umbrella. Now, our renewal will be at sunset, so it wouldn't be as practical for us, but to take pictures before hand with your maids and yourself would make a great picture. This is my all time favorite, and what a beautiful way to incorporate your something blue! And for just $10, it's a steal!

Last, but not least. I would love to have this little lovely for our cake table. And, it's worth the $40 because we can reuse it after our renewal.

I think it ties together the Rococo feel, as well as the Southern charm. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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  1. you MUST get this table!!! So cute, and i'm in looove with robin blue since it can go either way of country shic or rococo!