Wednesday, May 20, 2009

{my second home}

As I mentioned in my introduction, Mr. B and I are renewing our vows and my Grandparents' beautiful 85 acre farm, {Ironstone Spring Farm} established in 1805. I used to spend a few weeks during the summer running around, peeking into the incubators to see the newborn chicks, attempting to herd cattle by hand, and being introduced to horses. Things have changed since then, but it is even more beautiful now. We were blessed to have our manager. He used to work in landscaping, and has done wonders on the farm. We board horses, and our beautiful, grass-fed Black Angus cattle, still roam the rolling hills. I am so blessed to have access to such a beautiful venue. And, if you're in the Lancaster area, you have access to it too ;)

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